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At Baffman Media we specialize in search engine optimization, website optimization and authority brand building services. Your company website and message needs to be in front of the right people at the right time when they need you most.

SEO success engineered for your company

When your company wins, your clients win, we win!

We know what works, how it works and why it works. We are very comfortable explaining every detail with you openly. In fact, we rather have it that way.

SEO, Website Optimization and Authority Brand Building Services are unique to each other, but most often overlap.

For that reason we like to take a “holistic approach” to our clients digital properties. We refer to these properties as digital assets and it is those assets that create your digital Image.

Your digital image is what search engines will use to rank and evaluate your companies Authority and Trustworthiness.

When your digital image gets rendered by the search engines, what they perceive of your companies authority and trustworthiness is what will be pushed to the public as your brand. The public, your potential customers, will see and hear what the search engines tell them.

Fair, unfair, true or false, your potential customer will believe what Google says. How many clients or customers is you company missing out on? Google analytics claim, If your are not on page one, up to 90% of your possible internet generated clientele will not know your company exists.

Optimization for customers

Your Company Website, Facebook and Google My Business are all examples of digital properties. These can be an assets or in some cases a liability. For example it is easy to conceptualize a brick and mortar store. We see them every day. We drive up and park. We may see a sign with the address, name and phone number. They may have the hours they are open. Walk in and we see isles with various products or services. Sometimes there are signs telling us what is in each isle. All the shoes are in one place. All the wallets in one place, the purses in another etc. All of the store’s property, or assets, are organized and easy to understand. It all fits together very nicely.

Behind the seen, the show case of products, or the service area is a truck load of information, organization, optimization and work. You have customer service, product inventory, maintenance, utilities, accounting, hiring, payroll, taxes, insurance and so much more. Your digital property or website isn’t that much different conceptually anyway. You have the front end and the back end and the “search engines understanding your company” end.

Online, you want your company’s assets to be just as neatly organized.  All of them need to fit together in a neat coherent fashion. Humans need to have an easy time finding what you are offering your city or the world. So, typically companies get a website a Facebook page and a twitter account because “they say” we need those in today’s digital world. What “they” don’t say, is how the search engine computers see and interpret your digital properties like your website, your Facebook and all of the other information online about you and your company.

Optimizing for search engines

We understand what is going on under the hood of the fastest growing data bases in the world. Our holistic approach to your digital asset building works hand in hand with search engines. Search engine optimization in and of itself can only do so much. Even though SEO is one of the most powerful ways to get your message heard. Alone it may not always be enough.

Combine website optimization with search engine optimization, schema markup and meta data. Our ability to teach the search engines who you are and what you are about. Have all of your digital properties ship shape, and what do you get?

You get your message heard and in front of the right people at the right time. That will put you in a place to earn a more consistent amount of customers and clients. Even if that takes clientele walking through your doors to buy your products or your services, calling your office for an appointment or shopping at your e-com website.

Baffman has, over time, partnered with and connected with the industries top minds to build our team. We bring that advantage to you and your business. We will put the internet to work for your business. What kind of impact would that have on your company, your family!

Some Client Testimonials Straight from Google

Our clientele uses words like conscientious, caring, immensely knowledgeable, professional, phenomenal and friendly. We have dozens of testimonials, reviews and recommendations.  We love to hear these things because it strengthens our commitment to the companies we serve. Our creed is to create a win, win, win situation. Your clients win, Your company wins and We win. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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Google 5 star rating from Chris Wyatt

Johleen gives 5 stars to Baffman Media


Victor R said Baffman Media is great at Reputation ManagmentPicture of Victor Ursan

 Local business and SEO – Why it Matters

By Google changing how off line maps work, it changes the way local companies will be found. We can download a map of our local area and save it to our phone. Now that is really cool. But, if your company is not in the top ten of the map listing when a person downloads their map, that person will not see your company on their version of that map. Not only will that change how people interact with local business, it will put many SEO and internet marketing companies way behind the curve. The SEO experts that are not paying attention, have and will, hurt the companies they serve.

Remember now, this video is just one example of many. The playing field is changed almost weekly.

Google changes the landscape of search engines again !

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Media

Not to long ago the term “Media” would bring to mind an advertisement in a favorite magazine or perhaps a billboard sign.  Even an ad in the yellow pages.  In modern terms the word media has such a broader meaning.  At Baffman Media we think of the internet as the number one place in the universe for all types of media to live.

If you have an email address you’ve seen a lot of advertisements.  Most of that advertising is “paid advertising“.  Now that may be great for the ad company.  We see that as a potential bottomless pit for your money.  We are not completely against it.  There may be times when that can be helpful to your business. But, you need to remember that as soon as you stop paying the ad stops working. Quality SEO has an inherent residual value that works far longer, has a definitive budget and more importantly you own it when the campaign is over.

Just like the saying “location, location, location” is often applied to brick and mortar stores and companies.  In Google the same mantra applies to your search results.  Your “Location” needs to be on the first page of google search to really get your message heard and more customers finding you when they need you most.

Baffman Media search engine optimization, website optimization and authority brand building without doubt will help you succeed. Remember, all digital media needs optimization and SEO in some fashion to be understood and ranked by search engines. Just like all businesses need order forms, accounting and internal management systems.

Our team is here to serve you. To help you succeed and grow.

All of us at Baffman Media are fascinated by how the internet works. Knowing how to control traffic is an incredible thing. We take that very seriously. We cannot partner with every business that wants and needs our service. However, if you would like to see if we are a good fit, take action now by going to our Discovery page and start the conversation

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