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Search Engine Optimization

Most business owners we encounter, are predominately in the dark when it comes to search engines and how they work.  It is hard. We will make it easy for you by clearly communicating. Understanding proper SEO technics can be mind boggling.  But, what is really mind boggling to us, is the incredible amount of traffic that’s online searching for the solution to their service and product needs, every minuet of every hour, of every day,  of every month.

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Search Engine and Website Optimization

Our sole purpose is to help companies and businesses succeed, prosper and gain security in their market, by putting traffic in front of your digital assets. Like your web site, face book business page, videos or any other digital asset. We know the probability of you having new customers walking through your doors buying your goods or service increases so dramatically with an optimized website and a properly crafted search engine optimization program.

SEO and Your Site

We rank your website, business profiles, social media and videos at the top of the search engines in the categories that will have the highest probability of financial return. Baffman does that by looking at your entire digital foot print in a holistic way. Your digital foot print is seen by search engines as one hole thing. Most people and companies see Face book as one thing and their website as one thing and Linked in as one thing and so on. Baffman reins in all of your “digital stuff”, makes sense of it, and presents it to Google the way Google wants it to be seen. And, we do that in an accelerated fashion that stays within the “optimization” guidelines set forth by the top three search engines.

Our process starts with Discovery. That information, or data points as we call them, gives us the necessary map of what has or has not been done.  We learn where your business is in the eyes of the search engines.  We also learn where you are at with your company and where you want to go. By understanding your pain points, we solve them. By understanding your hopes and dreams, we help you get them. We build a blue print that will outline how, why and when we take certain actions on your behalf.

SEO actions may include but are not limited to;

  1. Analyze the back end of your web site for any problems that may negatively
    impact your search rankings. Like slow loading pages.
  2. Check for the proper meta data and schema according to provisions
    and google developers structured data.
  3. Check for any penalties that may have been incurred from improper SEO done with
    or without your knowledge.
  4. Prepare your site for new “search standards” that are being implemented. Some
    types of old standards will penalize your site. A penalty will knock out all the positive
    search optimization that has ever been done.
  5. Make the necessary on page changes to further optimize your web site.
  6. Teach the “search data base” who, what, where, when and why-you and all of your
    digital assets mean and stand for.
  7. Take care of all “Rich Snippet” requirements, inserting proper meta data and code.
  8. Verify all of the on page site citations and repair when needed.
  9. Authenticate your “Google My Business” data and verify the listing. We will fix
    all of the related problems.  Of course if you are not in the listings, we will get you in.
  10. Build relevant citations from trusted sources for higher domain and page authority.
    All websites need good domain authority for the search engine to think of you like a brand.
  11. Build all relevant Web 2.0 sites and optimize them for search engine marketing.
    Some of these can include Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Twitter and Pintrest.
  12. We only build sites that bring the highest probability for you to get and retain customers.

The Power Of  Optimization and the Internet

At this point most companies are off to an excellent start.  With our deep understanding of proper optimization with SEO, both on page and off, our clients experience an imposing boost in organic search results.  Organic traffic is “king” and so far there have been so signs of that changing.

The way our team will handle your digital assets, you will rank in the top 3 organic listings. Given the proper recourses, a no.1 ranking is possible even for highly competitive key words. All of our clientele have found the return they get from our systematic SEO work, is much better than any form of paid advertising they’ve done.

*Remember this, proper SEO and website optimization will give you a sustainable return on your investment. You will own all of the visibility, success and growth you receive from your SEO campaign, unlike paid advertising.

Let Baffman Media help you and your company
succeed and thrive !

We will scientifically harness the power of the search engines and optimize your digital assets!  Get to the Discovery now. The information you provide will start the conversation. Allowing us to engineer your long term solution for gaining visibility and exposure to be seen by your  future clients or customers.

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