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We think most of the companies in Allen Park should take a serious look at Search Engine Optimization for their marketing needs. A proper SEO campaign is considered to be one of the most affordable and affective forms of advertising. There are many advantages to hiring a great SEO team from Baffman Media. Before we start that list, I would like you to think of search optimization like fishing.  Yes fishing.

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Disclaimer – you can’t catch fish with SEO. At least I don’t think so. But you can catch customers with proper search engine optimization. Even if you don’t fish it’s probably obvious that a good fisherman fishes were the fish eat. Did you notice, not were they swim, but were they eat? Even non fisher-people know fish swim in water. In this example the fish are clients (sorry clients) and the water is? The water is Bing, Google, Yahoo and Yext. So…  We got the fish. We got the water. Where do the fish eat? They eat at the search bar on their search engine of choice. What do the fish eat? The fish eat the search results given to them by their search engine of choice (Yahoo, Bing, Google).  Wow that’s a lot.

Optimize for Search and Customers

The most important, secrete ingredient of a great fisher-person is the bait they use and their knowledge of fish. My brother has a tackle box the size of a suitcase. He says he needs to “optimize” his chances of catching fish so he has five of everything. (He lives in Allen Park to)  As a business owner I don’t have five of everything. You may not ether. We have what we have, so we need to approach our fish a bit differently.

We know Google gets more than 3.6 billions searches a day  that’s about 67% of the total search volume.  Statistics can be boring but stick with it I do have a point. Because there are so many people glued to their cell phones the search market pie is now honored with a “mobile only” section. Google gets about 83% of the mobile search market share.  Google has not stated exactly how many that adds up to, but, they did say that mobile has surpassed the desk top searches.  You can do the math. I estimate that equals about 29 Olympic size swimming pools worth of search engine stuff.  Those exact numbers aren’t so important.  The percentages are.

Back to our fish. If we don’t do things in a way that makes the search engines serve-up our company or product when it is searched for, we will loos a chance to catch a new customer or client. The big one will get away. We can’t just change our bait like the fisher-people. We need to make our bait the first and best bait the fishies see.

Proper SEO and Website Optimization

For us business owners, our bait is our website and other digital assets like Face book, Google my business, Yelp, Amazon, Woo Commerce and so many others. We need to have our websites audited by a trained SEO expert. If you have your website up and running, that is  excellent.  If not, we can help you with that. The most important take away here is, all of our digital assets need to be optimized for the search engines.  Just having that done will increase our chances of getting a large amount of the right customers or clients.

There are so many moving parts to this process that only an SEO expert will do.  We believe all of our digital assets need to work in a unified, congruent fashion. Projecting authority and trust in our field or profession. Allen Park is a great city filled with professionals, but don’t worry if you live in another city because these principals will still apply to your company.

Baffman Media, SEO and Your Company

Finally, the list. Here are just some advantages your company will have with proper search engine optimization.

a. Affordable Marketing

This type of marketing is very affordable for most companies. In the long run it is believed to be much more affordable and effective than many other types of search marketing such as Face book ads, Google Ad words, Pay Pre Lead, Pay Per Click and many other similar methods. With an SEO campaign you have a detailed budget. You can project what the return on your SEO investment will be. There are no variable costs associated with a search engine optimization campaign. Most importantly, when the campaign ends the inherent value is realized long after because your website will keep it’s authority and trust investment. Unlike a Pay Per Click campaign that ends and the traffic ends with out increasing your digital asset value, authority or trust.

b. Beat Your Competitors

We have talked to hundreds of company owners and professionals.  The majority of them take a “wait and see” approach to the internet and their website. We see professionals renting  websites. Paying thousands for a site that gives them very little in return. The companies that went on to implement a proper SEO campaign consistently derived a return on their investment and built value into their digital assets.

c. Create Brand Awareness

Whether your company is in Allen Park, or in another city, being invisible to search engines will not create brand awareness. As a byproduct of proper SEO your company’s brand will become noticed by the search engines and therefore your brand will gain notice. Baffman knows SEO and Authority Branding solves traffic and customer acquisition problems.

d. Long Term Impact

Pay per click type advertisements only drive traffic when they are active and only when you pay. The affects of a proper SEO campaign can last for years after our agency is finished. On page SEO performed to your website will last as long as your website stays alive so make sure you choose the right SEO agency.  Our Authority Branding is so powerful it can last the life time of your company.

Baffman Media Guaranteed Results

Baffman guarantees search rankings that will get you found if you follow our directions.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

At Baffman Media our SEO experts will monitor your search engine rankings on a regular basis. Giving you peace of mind and the freedom to take care of the daily issues related to your company operations.

No Contract Obligation

At any time you are not satisfied with Baffman Media services, let us know and we will do our best to part as friends. Your happiness is paramount.

Onboarding process starts at our Discovery Page.

Do your best to answer the questions fully. When we receive your application for discovery we will send a confirmation email. Then you will receive a call from the founder of Baffman Media. During that call he will listen intently to you. He may ask a few more questions based on that conversation.

In approximately three days you will be emailed again with the link to your review video.  The video can vary between 30 and 90 minuets depending on the complexity of your case.  In that video we will outline the strategy necessary to accomplish your goals.

When you are ready, give us a call. We will arrange a meet up in person or virtually on Skype or something similar and familiar to you.  That is it.

Right now, you may be asking why do we go through so much before you are a client?

The answer is simple. We need to make sure our partnership is a “good fit” for both of us.

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