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Baffman Media is a full service search engine and website optimization agency. We work with all Detroit city based companies that want more exposure to the community that

The great city of Detroit, MI and Baffman Media

The Great City Of Detroit, Michigan

they serve. To get your message heard, you need to be found. We believe search engine and website optimization along with an aggressive authority branding strategy is the best solution.

The phone needs to ring. Customers or clientele need to enter your place of business. The worrying needs to stop. We understand and you are not alone. We face that challenge just like every other company.

The same solution that we offer you has served us very, very well. In fact, our clients have offered excellent testimonials for our services but it is the words we hear in private that mean the most. Like, “I don’t have to worry about our oldest’s collage tuition ” or ” my wife’s parents are going to be fine now.”

We get to help the companies we choose grow and prosper and they get to help their customers or clients receive the services or products they desperately need when they need it most.  We call that a win, win, win solution.

Why SEO for Detroit Based Companies

One of the best examples of why the search engines want us to optimize our websites for search can be found at on their getting started with schema page. The example they use is the word “Avatar” and it being used on a website page.  The search engines don’t know if the text “Avatar” is meant to refer to the hugely successful 3D movie, or if it refers to a type of profile picture commonly used in forums. Your web pages have an underlying meaning that people can understand when they read the website pages. But search engines have a very limited understanding of what is being discussed on those pages. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft and Yandex sponsor so it is a crucial part of the “direction book” for businesses and companies in Detroit that use websites.

The absolute best way possible, with some exception, to be found and heard is to follow the directions that Google and the other search engines spell out is great detail.  The hard part of that rather simple statement is the size of the “direction book” and the fast pace of  changes that are made to those directions. The solution is to hire an agency that specializes in SEO, Website Optimization and Authority Branding in Detroit.

Enhance Brand Credibility

Baffman will help enhance the credibility of your brand with a fine tuned SEO campaign. This happens when we improve your ranking on the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Appearing on the first page of the search engine results page (SERPs) gives your brand that trust and creditability that consumers are looking for. Most people have been conditioned to believe that the first several links that appear on a search engine page are the best brands available. You are welcome to see some compelling statistics right here about mid page. Today if a company doesn’t have Face book or a Google plus page people become weary or even skeptical of that brand.

The worst thing for a brand, whether in Detroit or not, is to be buried where no one can see them. Our service can help improve your rank with legitimate and effective methods. Being on the first page will not only help your brands image, it will help increase traffic to your website. Consumers frequently go to and return to trusted brands. They purchase from brands and companies they trust and tell their colleges proudly where they made the purchase.

Search engine optimization is not the end all be all. But, combined with proper website optimization and a well implemented authority brand strategy, it is an integral part of what drives success in business today. That goes for brick and mortar companies and online stores like e-commerce.

Join Our Winning Agency Now

We have a very thorough pre-onboarding process that starts with getting to know your hopes and dreams. What your goals are and how you have tried to reach them. We want to know what has worked to move you closer to your vision of success and what has failed you. We need to analyze all of your digital properties before we can sculpt your solution.

Many of the core elements will be the same for most companies and businesses. Like schema mark up and meta data frameworks, but, no two solutions are carried out the same way.  You can read more about our SEO hear. However, you are welcome to get started right now by heading to our Discovery Page and answering a few questions before we speak on the phone.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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