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Proper optimization and questions

Our SEO and SEM methods are so exhaustive.  We only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure your company’s success. Our maximum attention to your unique, detailed solution and your company’s maximum probability for success is paramount. We love our clients and wish we could help everyone that needs our service, but, we just can’t do that.

 We work with clients who have:

  1. A healthy and active business already.  Our services are for companies that are up and running and want to move further and faster.
  2. A good, solid product.  What we do together will bring you more sales potential resulting in more brand awareness and profits.  We will be doing it in a way that creates Massive goodwill in your market.
  3. A reasonably steady flow of customers and leads.  This means that you are all ready getting a bit of traffic and making some sales. You are promoting your company, you’re running ads, and your selling your goods or services.

We however will not work with:

  1. Adult Themed Material
  2. Get Rich Quick Schemes
  3. Most Start Ups

Those are our requirements.  That’s it ! If you meet our criteria and would like to speak to us personally about getting the same results our clients have, we will happily set aside some time for you.

Diagnosing Proper SEO and Marketing

Like a Doctor, we can best diagnose your unique circumstance after we receive information about your services and/or products (what you are selling) and get an idea of what you would like to accomplish.  The more detailed you can be in the Discovery, the deeper and more accurate our analysis.  We need to see your business media as a whole.  Baffman can get your consultation and analysis completed and in your hands in about 72 business hours. Of course you can expect a brief phone call letting you know we have your Discovery form. We will outline the strategy our team knows will work best for your unique needs. You can expect a link to your thorough video containing our complete analysis to land in your inbox soon.  We look forward to developing a relationship with you.

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a. Please tell us about your business

b. Why should your customers buy from you versus a competitor? (be specific ex. your value proposition)

c. What is your typical sales process/chain? ex. phone call, walk-in, sets appointment, etc.

d. What are the short term and long term goals for the company?

e. What product or service would you like to sell more of?

f. What is the average life time value of your average customer?

g. Who is your ideal client?

h. What knowledge of SEO exists within the company?
a little
a lot

I. Have you had previous SEO on your site? If so, please check the investment level.
under $500
under $1000
over $1000

j. Please write as many keywords as you can think of that you would like to target online.(keywords are the words typed into Google that your website will be visible for. ex. Cleveland Dentist, Detroit Chiropractor, Dave's Pharmacy, etc.

k. Please list a radius and the specific cities you would like to target. If you are targeting national, type in the country. ex. United States, England, etc.

l. How many additional customers would you like to acquire per month? Please set a number

m. Are you doing any other forms of marketing? Check all that apply
SEO (search engine optimization)
PPC (pay per click)
RTB (real time bidding)
Social Media
Offline print, radio, TV

n. What would you say has been your most effective advertising method?

o. Do you offer any special promotions to get new customers?

p. Who is your competition?

q. What is your budget range for getting new customers?

u. What is your biggest concern working with a company for online marketing? Baffman Media | Search Engine Marketing | SEO Baffman
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