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Local Retail Must Learn From Amazon Prime Day

Local Retail – Learn From Amazon

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Local Retail Learn from Amazon and Succeed

Brick and Mortar local retailers need to pay attention to the motives behind Prime Day and take note of the giant shift in consumer shopping.

Amazon’s Prime Day was bigger than last year and set a record for orders worldwide, says about Tuesdays second annual Prime Day event.

My Trusted Source

The following two paragraphs are from Consumers Report and Mark Huffman both of whom I regard very highly for their economic insights.

The online retailer says global orders were 60% higher than last year while U.S. orders rose 50%. Amazon says it also set a record for orders for Amazon devices, including Fire TV, Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers and Alexa-enabled devices. The company did not release any sales or revenue figures.

Amazon launched the promotion for the first time in 2015, picking a day in July to serve as sort of a precursor to Black Friday. The purpose is to capture consumer holiday shopping dollars before they are spent anywhere else.  It also serves to promote Amazon also serves to promote Prime, since shoppers had to be members to take advantage of the deals.

Take cautious note of the above bold text.  This is the 2nd year Amazon has set out to “capture consumer holiday shopping dollars before they are spent anywhere else.” I see that as, before consumers spend their money at a local business.

It is my mission to interrupt that plan. Not by bad mouthing Amazon (they’re great at marketing) but by helping our local businesses and companies gain a big enough share of the market to succeed and grow. Not just my local people, but all of the local companies!


Shoes Toys Devices oh my

The company said it sold over two and a half times more Amazon Fire TV devices Tuesday than it did on last year’s Prime Day. Amazon said the Fire TV Stick was the best-selling Amazon device.

They said Prime customers bought more than two million toys and more than a million pairs of shoes. It took orders for 90,000 TV sets and hundreds of thousands of e-readers.

In the U.S., it was also the biggest single day for sales of Amazon Echo, the retailer’s voice-controlled audio system.

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