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First of all, the number one thing we do is help businesses thrive by increasing their internet generated income and market share. I don’t know of any medium that can make the phone ring or bring clientele to a place of business like SEO, Website Optimization and Authority Brand Building strategies. Following Google standards and best practice, I have seen first hand how incredibly successful a properly optimized website and a professional SEO strategy can help a company thrive. Eclipsing their competition and becoming “the authority” in their market. Brick and mortar or e-commerce, agency or service company, it works.

Baffman Media founder Joseph Baffy the SEO expert.

Joseph Baffy, Founder of Baffman Media

My life experience has turned out to be an excellent match for understanding and implementing search engine optimization and authority brand building strategies.

My first career out of collage was for a research and development company building robotics for the automotive industry. I worked as the engineer who made the robots move. I gave them brains, specked out the actuators & sensors and wrote the code that made them function.

Eventually, I opened my own company. It wasn’t to long after, Google became a thing. People started using search engines to find a suitable business for their needs. My obsession with the search engines started.

I needed to know how the search engine computers worked. What made one company easy to find everywhere in search and another company so hard? I needed to know how to make my company no.1 in Google. So that is exactly what I did. However, it took a long time because I didn’t start with a system built on science. It was more or less trial and error.

Being a research and development engineer for such complex systems honed my ability to understand, trouble shoot, find solutions and put those solutions to work for my business. Eventually, putting Google SEO and website optimization to work for other companies became my business.

I’ve also been involved with music for many years. In 2004 we started working with disabled veterans. We built a studio and meeting place to facilitate the solving of some of their troubles through discussion, song and music. Some of us even went on to play in local coffee shops and private functions.

Sports is what helped grow my love of wining, being first. From hockey to football to boxing, competing and winning left a permanent impression on me. That sentiment is a big part of how I run my agency. We aggressively take over all of the page one rankings that we want. For our needs and our client’s needs. All of us here like to win, so we do.

We win because of our research, analysis skills and experience. We’ve been able to develop a system built on bona-fide scientific driven data. And, building on our success, we’ve met and built our team from some of the best search engine optimization experts in the business.

Google Search For Every Thing

In our society, not just in the US but world wide, people turn to search engines for answers. Answers to everything form the weather report to sports, politics, the best golf clubs, you name it.  People look to the internet and search engines for every service or product that they want to buy right now this minuet and some time in the future.

Google calls these “micro moments” that lead a person to a purchase.  Not just a new hat and gloves, but cars, houses, planes, plumbers, surgeons, sox, builders, boats, burgers the list goes on and on.  If you can think of it, people will look to the internet and search engines to see it, read about it, talk about it and buy it.

The Importance of Search Engines

For example if you locked yourself out of your house without a spare key the first thing you would do is grab your phone and search for a lock smith in your area to get help.  If you broke a tooth on a Saturday and your Dentist wasn’t open, you would search for one that was  open and probably as close as possible. If you woke up to a broken hot water tank the first thing…you get the idea.

Now if you were the owner of the plumbing repair shop or the lock smith company, the Dentist, then you would be grateful and relieved that your company was on the first page of what ever search engine that folks used. On the other hand, if you aren’t on the first page, you will not get the same level of sales and growth for your company.

We get to help the companies we choose and in turn they get to help real people in need acquire a great solution to those needs. I think I have the best occupation in the world. We help facilitate a solution to the needs of consumers by helping businesses reach those consumers when they need to.

The Truth About SEO

Almost nobody wants SEO. It’s boring and it’s to technical for most. Maybe some business owners want to learn a little bit but, what they really want is the benefits that comes from it. From knowing that their website is finally done right or the massive influx of revenue from being on top of Google. It’s being able to show the people that said they couldn’t do it, that they were wrong. It’s being able to say that you are the no.1 Lawyer, Plumber, Dentist, “whatever” in your City, State or Country. It’s the notoriety that comes from being no.1 (without the paparazzi I hope). There can be many reasons, but most of the time it’s not just, “I want SEO”.

I love it. I love the strategies, the competition and I love taking the no.1 spot. The last time I checked, we ranked for 64 No.1 and 132 additional 1st page (top 5) for very hard key words. In all honesty, I don’t need to check anymore. We will only continue taking more 1st page rankings and more no.1 rakings because we follow the same system that we implement for our clients. It works.

Compelling Math (caution, boring part)

I don’t want this page to be about statistics. But, I think you should know this. Other than my own experience and first hand knowledge, I have read and studied search engine research conducted by AOL back is 06, Optify in 2010, Chicita in 2013, Protofuse in 2015 and many others.

They all used different methodologies but ended up at the same conclusion. Less than 10% of searchers make it past the first page when looking for help deciding who, what or where they are going to buy from.  Also, within the first page, 91% of people chose the organic listings and 8% chose and advertisement listing.

The research concluded that most of the people that clicked on the ads were looking for that company in the first place. An example of that would be. I need a new microwave and I know that I’m going to my local Big Box Store.  The only thing I’m using search for is to make sure they have the size that I need.

Quick recap, wow! It’s an incredible thing to know how search engines work and how people use them. What is even more incredible and rewarding, is being able to help people get their company to the place they dreamed for it. I am proud to say that with time and the necessary resources, we’ve never failed. What really blows my mind, is knowing that the folks that pay for advertising to be on the first page of Google search, spent 67 Billion dollars US to get less than 10% of the people to click through. Just 10%. Google it. “Google advertising revenue for 2015,” and you’ll see. (The hard data for 2016 is not in yet.)

Your Company

Digital properties can be extremely valuable to your company if they are optimized for both search engines and for your client or customer. We refer to your website as a “primary asset” and things like Face book as a secondary asset that can help support your website. We’ve found that many companies think of their website as an expense. Something that is needed but barely worth it. Let alone a money generating property that gains real value just as a piece of real estate can. Specially smaller companies. And, social media is a thorn in the side. We don’t manage social media, however, we can make sure that all of your social media assets are optimized in a fashion that will increase the value and authority of your website and how well it represents your business and your brand.

We interview our clients

We expect our potential client to ask questions. We encourage that. In fact, if you don’t ask certain questions, we ask and answer them for you. The most important thing to our success is yours. To help ensure that, we make communication a priority.

So clear, honest and open lines of communication along with a solid understanding of your company’s vision is the recipe for your success and ours. Also, the success of the people that desperately need your products or services. That is a win, win, win situation.

You are welcome to call us now and find out how you can become a part of a win, win, win solution.

Thank You for taking the time to get to know Baffman Media.

Sincerely, Joseph Baffy

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Joseph Baffy