How to: Authority Brand Building

Every authority brand website that we have analyzed possesses these 14 elements in the eyes of search engines. If you have a website make sure to check it against this list. Some of these elements will very depending on your industry and the type of business you own. But, the bulk of it will apply.

There are only two ways to build an Authority Brand. Slow by trial and error. If you keep at it year after year eventually you might get some things more right than not. Or, you call a professional and have them do it. Even having the major problems fixed can go along way towards your authority brand building.  Great on page SEO… or no.  Responsive website… or no.  Do you see a pattern?  In Google’s rule book, there is no sort of great on page SEO or kind of mobile responsive. There is no almost valuable content.

Authority branding takes quality content and reliable content and appeal to readers

Authority Brand Building

We would like to note that we are talking about authority brand building in the context of search engines. What the search engines see you (your company) as. Not like the brand name of your company.

Lets break it down. First, Google wrote and is continually writing the rule book. There is no way around it. Google has such a large amount of the search engine market that they control the field. Period. As of May 23rd, 2016 Google is the highest valued company on the planet. They have massive authority, online and in a variety of offline businesses. Even though Google is the big guy, we do not ignore other search engines.

Follow the SEO rules

Yes, rules and directions. That is the fastest, safest way to become an authority brand in your area of expertise online. Follow Google’s best practices and SEO rule book. It takes a team to read it and stay on top of it. We think it is humanly impossible for one person to investigate, test and implement all of the different areas of importance regarding Google’s rules. We have people that investigate and test constantly.

Most accomplished SEO agencies have a few proprietary procedures of their own that exploit or push the boundaries of current data gathering programs. We all have the same directions from Google. But, not all agencies have the tools and data available, or are capable of efficient and effective interpretation of data as it relates to search engine optimization and authority brand building.

Our authority brand building services are scalable and evergreen, no tricks. We do not chase the Google algorithms. Our testing, data analysis and best practices allows us to put your company where the rules are going. We do not use “tricks.” We spell SEO tricks like this, Website Penalty.

Authority on the Internet

Internet authority is different than street authority or office authority. In fact there is really two different types of authority that we need to clarify. We can say Google is the authority in the search engine market and is an authoritative place for information on the web. A place like the Wall Street Journal encompasses both definitions as they are presented here.

When Wikipedia was born they started at the beginning of the line like everyone else. With a virtual ton of resources, a small city of workers and a few years later, they are now an Authority Brand. The Wall Street Journal on the other hand was already a leading authority in finance before the internet was born. When they came online, they did not start at the beginning because they were already an Authority Brand offline and that carried over to online.

Brand Authority Online

Now for the SEO definition of an Authority Brand. Things work differently online. You don’t need thousands of followers and tweet ten times a day to be an authority in the eyes of search engines. In the eyes of people? That’s another story. In the eyes of the search engines there are clear definable elements that are needed to have your company presented to the public through the search engine results page (SERP) as an authority brand.

We were doing some research for a client recently, an Orthopedic Surgeon, about 50 miles from our head quarters in Allen Park, MI.  A very common search phrase for that would be “orthopedic surgeon in my area.” The SERP’s entire first page was filled with “paid ads” and directory type websites. The first real surgeon was in the 10th spot and was 1500 miles from Michigan. That is a great example of online or website authority. Some of the directory type sites were retail sales websites set up as an authority branded surgeon website.

To us that is wrong. Shouldn’t there be a bunch of real surgeons on the first page? At least surgeons first and directories after ? It is our mission to change that. We think people deserve to find real information that is helpful to a real person’s decision making process.  That goes for surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etcetera.

Elements of an Authority Brand

Finally the good part. Every authority brand website possesses these 14 elements in the eyes of the search engines. Remember, if you are starting from a place where your company has a website and has been online for a while, you are off to a great start.

  1. Website with unique and valuable content.
  2. Friendly user experience with menus and navigation areas.
  3. Excellent on page optimization for search engines to know what to rank for.
  4. Proper meta descriptions and schema mark up.
  5. A balanced text to html ratio with up to date code.
  6.  Not to much in line css3 mixed in with the website html.
  7. Proper inner-page linking structure.
  8. Proper and natural back linking and anchor text.
  9. A registered site map and robot.txt file.
  10. Company website linked to optimized social properties. (Facebook, Linked In, Google+, etc.).
  11. Your company and website appear in the appropriate local and national directories.
  12. Citations for your company are properly done, consistent and connected to your website and other digital media.
  13. Traffic that resembles the amount Google would expect from your industry, profession or field.
  14. Social signals from your respective social media sites.

We hope you are thinking this, If the Wall Street Journal has these elements contained in their digital image, then why can’t I do the same thing, but on a scale that is proportionate to my business, company or industry ?

If we implement that list Baffman, will the search engines see me, my business as an authority brand ?  YES, you got it.

In a nut shell, or Authority Brand shell

That is it my friends and visitors. Full disclaimer. There are a couple of subcategories left out of the above list. Honestly, some of the subcategories would contain directions that are better explained face to face. We can’t publish those at this time.  What we can do for you now, is this. We offer our free website audit tool to everyone. It took a lot of time and resources to make it easy to use and give detailed actionable information.

You can use it free up to 3 times from the same IP address. You will not be solicited like crazy. We are busy, you are busy. We do not have time to send unwanted email. Besides, if you are the DIY type, then that is a great place to start.

Call a Professional and get directions

You can call us and get our direction, guidance and service. Fill out our Discovery form. Then we will investigate your unique issues and video an outline for your company’s solution. We will send you a link to that video free of charge in about 72 business hours. SEO and Authority Brand building is all we do. Having excellent, real communication between you and us is vital to our process and our combined success.

Incase you are wondering why we go through such a rigorous pre-onboarding procedure? We like to build a close relationship with our clients and we need to make sure we both are a good fit for each other. What we can influence and achieve is extremely powerful. We take that very serious and we do not offer our service to everyone.

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