Proper analysis requires Information

Like a Doctor, we can best diagnose your unique circumstance after we receive information about your goods or services (what you are selling) and get an idea of what you would like to accomplish. The more detailed you can be in the Discovery, the deeper and more accurate our analysis. We need to see your business media as a whole.

Each and every client receives our full attention, so we only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time. We work hard for our clients and wish we could help everyone that needs our service, but we just can’t do that.

We work with clients who have:

  1.   A healthy and active business already.  Our services are for companies that are up and running and want to move further and faster.
  2. A good, solid product. What we do together will bring you more sales potential, resulting in more brand awareness and profits. We will be doing it in a way that creates Massive goodwill in your market.
  3. A reasonably steady flow of customers and leads. This means that you are all ready getting a bit of traffic and making some sales. You are promoting your company, you’re running ads, and your selling your goods or services.

We will not work with:

  1. Adult Themed Material
  2. Get Rich Quick Schemes
  3. Most Pharmaceutical related
  4. Most Start Ups

That’s it ! If you meet our criteria and would like to speak to us personally about getting the same results our clients have, we will happily schedule some time just for you.

What happens after we receive your application for discovery?

  1.  We will send a confirmation email.
  2. Then you will receive a call from us confirming the reception.
  3. During that call we will listen intently to you and answer questions.
  4. We may ask a few questions based on that conversation.
  5. In approximately three days you will be emailed again with the link to your review video.  The video can vary between 15 and 30 minuets depending on the complexity of your case.
  6. In that video we will outline the strategy necessary to accomplish your goals.

We look forward to developing a relationship with you.

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