Amazon Proves SEO Is Vital

SEO and Website Optimization Can Save Brick and Mortar Stores

Just because a company is big doesn’t exempt them from proper SEO strategies and a proper Website Optimization blue print. Amazon has proven that “giant companies”

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and the many very “small companies” under their virtual roof have succeeded because they have more reach and influence in the eyes search engines.

As news of more brick and mortar retail stores closing down or selling off chunks of their business comes down the pike, I cringe deeply. I have a moment of anger knowing that “only if” we could have counseled these companies the thousands of families affected with loss of income, insurance and stability would not be happening.

Success is Planed and Earned

I have been fortunate enough to meet several very nice business owners that have become millionaires from selling their products on Amazon. The two biggest contributors to their success have been the willingness to put their company first and their decision to invest in a website strategy and search engine optimization strategy at an early stage in their business.

Brick & Mortar Stores Need a Digital Strategy

We can help you build your business up. We bring a proven strategy and the necessary resources to the table. If you haven’t taken advantage of a dedicated SEO consultant then now is the time. You can choose what part of the story you want your company to become apart of. Closed or open and thriving.

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Amazon’s dominance, bolstered by mostly lower prices, more options and increased convenience for shoppers, has caused stores across the mall to take a hit.

Teen-apparel retailer Aéropostale filed for bankruptcy in May. Later that month, JC Penney announced that it would cut payroll and freeze overtime for its employees.

The bad news isn’t only recent: In 2015, Penney announced it would close 40 locations, while fellow mall giant Sears has closed more than 200 locations over the past two years.

Meanwhile, in its most recent earnings report, Amazon posted profits for the fourth consecutive quarter. The price of shares of Amazon stock has spiked by about 30% since February. On the heels of April’s stellar earnings, the fortune of its CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, has soared by $6 billion in just a few hours. The company’s first-ever Amazon Prime Day proved to be a bigger sales event than Black Friday last summer, and Amazon is planning a repeat with tens of thousands of sales slated for July 12.

The struggling retail market led at least one analyst, Jan Kniffen, to predict that about a third of America’s malls will shut their doors in the coming years.

Still, some physical store closings are not a sign of troubled times, but rather the sacrifices necessary to achieve greater profitability by funneling more money to “on line” money getting resources and tactics.

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