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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We want you to have a full understanding of our services and how we can help you gain a clear advantage over your competition and feel secure with your decision to move forward. Answers to common customer questions about SEO, Website Optimization and Authority Brand Building services are below. We are here to make sure your questions are answered.  You may have different ideas about SEO, website optimization and how it all works together to build a strong Brand and business.

We have heard and answered many questions. We believe clear, honest, open communication is, in part, why we have been able to help so many businesses thrive beyond their expectations.

Q: Why can’t you just tell me over the phone what you will do and how much it will cost?

A: Your SEO, Website Optimization and Authority Brand Building solution is based on your unique needs and goals. It can only be determined after we receive the necessary information found  in the  Discovery Form  questions.  Essentially, that is the start of the conversation and will give us the right information to properly analyze your business, website and other digital properties. Giving us the data to answer your questions with accurate knowledge.

Q: After I complete the Discovery form what happens next?

A: When Baffman receives your discovery form, you will receive a phone call from us letting you know we have it. There may be additional questions that will help our team ascertain the how, when and what strategy will be needed to achieve your objectives. From there, (2-3 days) we will send you a video outlining your solution. And of course, you will get a better idea of who we are and be able to ask your questions.

Q: Why is search engine optimization such an important thing for a local company?

A: The short answer is, to achieve your business goals. Like, more Customers, Clients and Money. “Optimization” is often used as a catch all term for presenting important business information to search engines and covers a wide range of duties. Ex. optimizing; your Brand’s image, the code base of your site, the speed, photo/video resolutions, key word use, URL structure, internal and external link structure, etc. in the fashion Google suggests for successful search results. The end goal is to help you achieve your definition of success.

Q: Does it take a long time for Google to update & rank a website in the search results after optimization changes are made?

A: If you drew a picture of the internet, it would look like a giant spyder web. Each line of “the web” would represent a link to another webpage. Google bots are continuously crawling the web, reporting back, where it is and what it’s read to the main search computers. As of July, 2017 there are 1.26 Billion indexed webpages online. That is why it takes time for changes or new pages to show up in the search results. Exactly how much time, depends on to many factors to predict. However, Google can index a webpage, as fast as, in 1 week. But, it takes much longer for that page to be evaluated and ranked properly.

Q: I have a website, isn’t that all I need?

A: Having a website is a great start.  If your site is not optimized in a specific fashion related to your business, the search engine computers will not see your website in a way that will allow it to show up (rank) on the first page of the Google search results. In fact, your website may not show up in categories that are the most profitable to your company. More about SEO found here.

Q: If I have a web site do I really need “social media”?

A: We highly recommend social media for our clients. There is a certain expectation that many of your customers will have. That expectation comes from an assumption that a reputable, trusted company (or Brand) with authority should have some form of social presents.  Also, social properties have a great deal of power and authority. When used properly, some of that power and authority gets transferred to your website along with  customer traffic.

Q: What is schema and why is it important?

A: A simple definition of schema is, information about information.” An example of schema is the serial number on your smart phone. If your phone broke the serial number would identify detailed model information so a repair man could fix it. One of the best ways to optimize your website for search, is to provide information inside the code of the website pages. That code (schema markup) will inform Google or Bing for example, that the name of your company (is a company) not the name of a person, or a street, or a movie. Think of the noun Webster. That word could easily be the name of a person, place or thing. ex. Mr. Webster, Lake Webster, Webster St, Webster Dictionary, Webster LLC.

Q: Do we have to change our logo or get a fancy website to be an Authority Brand?

A: No that is normally not a necessary step to be seen as an Authority Brand online. Search engines zero in on a specific set of criteria to see a business and their website as an Authority Brand.  It is based on your complete digital foot print. How it all meshes or links together, based on Google’s quality guidelines and best practices. However, your company logo should appear on all of your digital properties when allowed.

Q: Why does Google get referenced so much when search engines are talked about?

A: Google controls the vast majority of the search engine market. Up to 70% of the desk top and up to 89% of the mobile search market. Essentially Google wrote and still is writing the “book of directions” on how to have the best probability of being number one on the search engine results page. We follow those directions and best practices with great success. “Tricks are for kids” and scientific strategies based on data are for winners!

Q: What is Authority Brand Building?

Authority brand building is discussed here. In short, most websites that we have analyzed that are highly trusted and viewed as an authority, implement a certain set of functions. We have found that even local companies can implement these same functions on a level that Google would expect. Receiving a huge benefit and a massive advantage. As an example, think of how you would expect the office of a renowned lawyer to look like. You may see a large desk with a matching arm chair. A few fancy looking paintings on the walls. Maybe a plush rug on the floor. It all presents a unified look.  In the digital realm, a similar unified digital look is desired by Google. Many of these functions are not visible to humans.

Q: Your company is located in Allen Park, MI. Can you still help us if we are in another state?

Yes, we can help companies in any state, even worldwide. We have trusted partners in Miami, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Los Angelus, even Tokyo. We are currently helping business owners in cities local to us, like Detroit, Taylor, Trenton, Pontiac, Southgate,  Riverview, Wyandotte, Ann Arbor,  and in 26 states across the US. And of course, Allen Park.

If you have any other questions, you are encouraged to call us at the number below.

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