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Don’t let your offline & online reputation get tarnished by false accusations, complaints and immature comments. Take back the control of your image. We can help. We have the skills, connections and the technology.

We make your business look its best

Positive information in Google becomes the normal for your business.

Move up positive information in Google

Using proven techniques and strategies, we move up positive content.

Move down false & negative information

Negative information is moved to the bottom of Google where it is hard to find. Far from the first pages.

You take control of your online image

Instead of being held hostage by false information and mistruths, you take control of your reputation.

Strategic release of content to maximize impact

We select the most relevant content and websites to boost your reputation quickly. Written word and Video.

Done In-House

No outsourcing, black hat tactics, or cutting corners. All work is performed in-house by our team of internet marketing professionals.

Happy Testimonials

There are few companies that can reliably handle reputation management. Baffman Media is on top of that list. We recommend them highly. They understand the pain and damage a reckless review can create and have the resources to handle it.

Victor R
Victor RFounder Tampa Bay Pro

Baffman did everything they said they would and more. They are so easy to work with. Very caring and understanding of our company needs and goals.

Alina M
Alina MOwner Best Orange

Mr. Baffy is a pleasure to work with. He always over delivers! If he chooses to work with you, I highly recommend jumping on the opportunity. You will be grateful you did!

Elizabeth E
Elizabeth EInternet Entrepreneur

We really enjoyed working with Baffman Media. Everything you would want in an SEO company. I highly recommend them.

Alisdair W
Alisdair WGoogle Partner - SEO Specialist

Baffman Media were fantastic to work with. Conscientious, caring and friendly, as well as, exceptionally skilled! I highly recommend them.

Johleen W
Johleen WSm Business Owner

Our experience with Baffman Media has been very gratifying. We will continue to work with Joseph and his team in the future and recommend them highly.

Lue H
Lue HOwner Inovation Mind

We have been able to run very successful campaigns with Joseph and his team at Baffman Media. I highly recommend their services.

Steven Love
Steven LoveDirector at Scotland SEO Expert

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What is Reputation Management & How Can it Help My Business?

Managing your online reputation is about ensuring that your potential clientele view your company for what it truly is. Instead of what a vocal minority advertises online about you.


Reviewers can Break a Brands Reputation

Employing reputation management will make your other marketing efforts easier and much more effective. Instead of playing catch-up to overcome false statements, you will gain more offers, referrals and website generated revenue. Freeing up your time to grow your business.

The Best Way to Brake Through the Noise

Customers are using search engines like Google everyday to discover and evaluate businesses. In a blink of a eye they decide if your business is trustworthy or not. Will they go with you, or your competition? The answer is painfully obvious if your company is plagued with misleading or blatantly untrue reviews.

The issue is, that the Internet doesn’t always portray an accurate story. Fair or unfair, negative reviews and impressions can skew your company’s search results. The solution is a reputation management service. It helps you look your best online. Regardless, of where and when a customer searches. In the long run, that benefits the “off line image” of your brand.

Fundamental Concepts of Reputation Management

  1. Create a positive presence on all major internet channels
  2. Strategically increase the value and impact of positive content
  3. Synchronize marketing efforts over multiple streams
  4. Monitor closely as new information populates
  5. Diversify your presence to maximize positive content
  6. Aggressively move negative content out of the way
  7. Publish fresh and up to date positive content
  8. Monitor the discussion, know what people are saying about you
  9. Track your search results and health against the competition
  10. Analyze the process tweaking strategies’ based on goal progress
  11. Rinse and repeat the process until the search results reflect a proper image of your business

Each of these 11 fundamental concepts are individually adaptable to accommodate any type of business or brand. That means our system can be used to help an individual’s personal brand, a small business or a cooperate brand.

We even have a specific program for an Amazon seller’s brand. Ethical and within the Amazon terms of service.

Every business or “Brand” that participates in our reputation management program will involve all of the fundamental concepts listed above, at various levels, to achieve their desired outcome.

Reputation Management Saves You Money and Time

The internet is always evolving and changing. You need an advocate to make sure your reputation is always in good standing. If you are trying to increase your brand’s visibility, trustworthiness and authority, but your online image is distorted by negative comments, then you will continue to be disappointed by your efforts being circumvented from negativity.

Reputation Management Can Obliterate Barriers Standing In Your Company’s Way!

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