The Nexus smart phone shown front and back with Android software on it

Google Phone Is Coming

Ba-By Nexus – Google Phone Is Coming

Mobile search is changing yet again. The Nexus name has been part of Google’s branding for 7 years. The flagship smart phone will go the way of the Dinosaur and be replaced with a Google branded Android 7.0 Nougat smartphones.

What does that mean to your Company?

From the news report that came out, Google will ax the Nexus name starting with this year’s Marlin and Sailfish Android 7.0 Nougat phones. They will not display the Nexus name on the smartphones. They will not be giving any credit to HTC. The company that is actually designing and producing this years crop of phones for Google.

A smartphone controlled by Google will change local search even more.

Why should your Business care?

Well from a search engine stand point, this very important. Specially concerning mobile search. Google CEO ,Sundar Pichai said earlier this year that the company would “invest more effort” to be “more opinionated about the design of it’s phones”

Google already controls and estimated 86% of the Mobile Search Market. If they get millions of smartphones into the hands of the consumer that is “customized” with Google applications, their strong hold over mobile search will be concrete and most likely impenetrable.

Pichai hinted back in June that the company would “thoughtfully” add more features on top of the Android platform and that “there is a lot of software innovation to be had.”

The bottom line to mobile search

In one word, control. In 2 words, mobile first. That is the fast moving direction that Google has headed since June this year. Soon there will be large smartphones with Google branding on the back. Google software inside. A Google assistant telling us what to watch, where to go and so much more importantly to local companies, what to buy and from whom. If you need help reaching your company’s potential, give us a call or get started here right now.

Thank You, Joseph Baffy


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