Search Rank More Important with Mobile Ad Blocking

SEO is More Valuable Than Ever

A report I read in Consumers Guide has stated that mobile advertisers are having trouble with ad blockers. With so many people using them, new ad methods are being sought.  Most people feel that they are being interrupted when they are searching on their phone and ads pop up and stop their flow. Some folks are complaining that ads are even causing their phones to crash.

Baffman seo more important than ever do to mobile phone ad blocking

Mobile Phone Ad-blocking On the Rise

Reading is my preferred way to get up to speed with the news. If I have time I will watch a video but almost never live TV.  Commercials and advertisements are why. The TV show I watch gets recorded to our DVR. That way I can fast forward through the ads. That cuts down a 1 hour show to 38 minuets or so.  Below is an exert from the Consumers Guide website post about mobile ad blocking and how many people use it.

Mobile Ad Blocking by the No’s

According to a new report, 419 million people (22% of the world’s smartphone users) are now using mobile ad-blocking technology.

PageFair’s ( numbers also indicate that 408 million people are using mobile browsers that block ads by default.

Smartphone users in China account for 159 million instances of mobile ad-blocking, while India is home to 122 million people using browsers that block ads.

Mobile ad-blocking isn’t as quite as prevalent in Europe and here in North America, where there were 14 million monthly active users of mobile ad-blocking browsers as of March 2016.

Mobil Advertiser Troubles Can Help SEO

Nancy Hill, CEO of 4A’s, says these numbers validate a long-standing concern in the digital media industry. The report also highlights a need for advertisers to rethink their marketing strategies.

“Consumers are pushing back on mobile and online ads,” said Hill in a statement. “Now is the time for advertising professionals and marketers to take a hard look at ourselves to understand why consumers are not responding to these types of ads, and figure out how we can correct the issue to better engage with the consumers we’re trying to reach.”

Search Engine Optimization Value Up

Optimizing your website for search is more important than ever. The trend to block ads will only continue to become the norm as consumers continue to block or click away from advertisement disruptions. The first page of the search results will become even more important. If ads are reduced, there will be more screen real-estate for organic results. Possibly opening up a few more slots. Showing up above the fold will be necessary.

As an expert in SEO, we understand “consumer intent.” When a potential customer is searching for a product, watching a music video on You Tube or reading a magazine, they don’t want to see a commercial about life insurance or an entrepreneur selling something from his back yard. We know that and it appears, advertisers know it too.

Consumer intent is what search engines have been trying to master since day one.  Google is the leading search engine provider and they are really good at serving up the best answers to consumer inquiries. That is why we concentrate on their search engine. Our Google search optimization strategy works for on the other engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Optimizing for Intent

Because we understand user intent, we optimize your website for search using key words and key word phrases that will help the search engines serve up your website when your potential client “intends to” visit a website that has your product or service on it. If your digital assets are in our care, your company website will have the highest probability of being one of the top results on page one.

The first step to get above the fold is to head over to our Discovery Page. Answer the questions. IF you would rather call us in lue of, sending it through email, please write the answers down in a note pad.  Without at least that base information to start the conversation, we will not be able to offer you a complete analysis of your digital properties.  We only offer solutions that will solve your problems. So be prepared to share so we can both determine if we are a good fit for each other.

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