https requires an SSL Cert

Does Our Site Need a SSL Cert?

How do I know if Our Website Needs a SSL Cert?

https requires an SSL Cert

https Protocol Requires an SSL Certificate

There has been a lot of talk over the years in the Marketing and SEO community about the advantages of having a SSL Certification for a business website. There have been many unsubstantiated claims that a SSL Cert would help a website’s ranking. In general, that has never been true until now.

Recently, Google said that their Chrome browser would start to warn users that visit a website that doesn’t have a SSL Cert, that the website is “not safe and do not input any personal information on it”.

If you answer yes to any one of these 5 questions then you need an SSL certification for your business or company website. *The Authority and Trust Benefits far out way the temporary inconvenience.

  1. Do we ever intend on accepting money through our site?
  2. Will we ever ask our visitors for any type on personal information ex. email?
  3. Will we ever implement a sign in policy ex. username and password?
  4. Do we want to make our website more secure for our users in general?
  5. Do we want to make our site harder for 3rd party bad guys to manipulate?

If your business website is currently doing or will be doing any of the above 5 items, then your business website needs a SSL Certification. If you plan to accept money in any way through your website, then having an SSL Certification is a must. If for example, you know that your website will only be “blogging” about assorted topics, then a SSL cert is not mandatory.

Even if you are asking your website visitors for a first name and email to sign up for a newsletter, it’s a very good idea to get a SSL Cert now.

Why is a SSL So Important Today?

As of 9-1-2017 Google has made it clear that all non-SSL sites will show a “not secure” notice to your site visitors if you don’t have a SSL Cert. Regardless of what type of website your company is currently using. SSL means Secured Socket Layer. What it does and proves is more important than what it all means.

A trusted SSL Provider and a proper SSL Certificate work together. They create a secure connection between a consumer’s browser and website and an Authentication that your business is “your business” not an imposter bad guy.

Increase the Authority and Trust of Your Brand

Having your site set up with a SSL will boost the Trust and Authority of your website and Brand in 5 very important ways.

  1. The trust and authority of your site will increase. The search engine computers will see your site favorably having a boost in SEO value.
  2. Your visitors will feel more secure on your site. They will not leave because of a “Not Secure” warning.
  3. Your consumers will trust your site more. In turn, your brand will be trusted more.
  4. The more trusted your brand is, the more your consumers will see you as an authority.
  5. The more Authority and Trust your consumers have in your brand, the more they will buy and promote your product or service.

What Does a SSL Do?

The main reason websites use an SSL cert, is because they need to keep personal or sensitive information that is sent across the Internet encrypted. That means the information your visitors see and the information they give (like email sign up, credit card use) is through an encrypted connection between the visitor’s browser and your website.

When your business obtains an SSL certificate, another type of protection called a server certificate is also issued. This certificate acts as a mediator between browsers and SSL servers to show that the SSL certificate provider can be trusted.

That your business website is safe to use. Your business is verified authentic. Your consumers are guarded against impersonators and phishing scams. Your data and customers data is safe!

What Does an SSL Look Like?


https:// protocol served by SSL

Look in your browser address bar. If the website address starts with a https, then that site has a secured connection. If it starts with a http, then the site doesn’t have a secured connection or SSL Cert. Some web browsers give visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar, to make sure visitors know when their connection is secured.

This means that they will trust your website more when they see these cues. Visitors will be more likely to buy services or products from you. Or, sign up to a newsletter. SSL providers will also give you a trust seal (if you want one) that may instill more trust in your consumers.

When Should You Get an SSL Certificate?

We strongly believe that you should get your site secured with a SSL Cert as soon as possible. Our experience has shown us repeatedly that most business owners Will NOT move fast in this direction. Unfortunately, for those business owners, they will fall behind.

Behind in consumer trust, authority and SEO rankings. That will show up in their bottom line. The companies and business owners that are proactive will see a boost in their online generated revenue. Maybe not immediately, but as the procrastinators fall further from ranking grace, the action takers will come out ahead.

Action taking business owners will always come out ahead of the pack if the actions go in the proper direction. Getting a SSL Cert. is the proper direction.

Take action  today.

Thank You for Reading,
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