Making A Difference Matters !

We have many 5 star reviews and many testimonials for our SEO and authority brand building services. What we do makes such a difference in the lives of our clients it’s hard to describe. Rewarding is an understatement!

You know the struggles and worry that can come with your choice to be a business owner. We have to take care of our family and the families of our employees. We don’t want our dreams to be lost in our responsibilities to our company. We understand. We had many of the same concerns as you.

One thing we don’t need to worry about is being seen and having our message heard by those that need it. We can guarantee you will not either if you meet our criteria and follow our directions.

Happy Testimonials

Baffman did everything they said they would and more. They are so easy to work with. Very caring and understanding of our company needs and goals.

Alina M
Alina MOwner Best Orange

Thanks Joseph for all the help. Getting more of the right customers has changes our entire outlook about online marketing. You and your team are awesome!

Al Griffith
Al GriffithCEO Almiri Busines Solutions LLC

We really enjoyed working with Baffman Media. Everything you would want in an SEO company. I highly recommend them.

Alisdair W
Alisdair WGoogle Partner - SEO Specialist

Mr. Baffy is a pleasure to work with. He always over delivers. If he chooses to work with you, I highly recommend jumping on the opportunity. You will be grateful you did.

ELizabeth E
ELizabeth ESMB, Pilot, Entrepreneur

There are few companies that can reliably handle reputation management. Baffman Media is on top of that list. We recommend them highly. They understand the pain and damage a reckless review can create and have the resources to handle it.

Victor R
Victor RFounder Tampa Bay Pro

Working with Joseph was really great. He has a way of communicating that just works. The most complex probabilities sound simple. I recommend him for all your internet marketing needs.

Joshua H
Joshua HOwner Deal-icios Commerce

Great company to work with! Immensely knowledgeable, professional, and absolutely phenomenal when it comes to SEO. I recommend them to any business who needs more revenue and visibility online!

Chris W
Chris WSMB Owner

Baffman Media were fantastic to work with. Conscientious, caring and friendly, as well as, exceptionally skilled! I highly recommend them.

Johleen W
Johleen WSm Business Owner

Joseph is one of the best SEO’s that I have known in the Detroit area. He uses safe and sound strategies to rank websites in the #1 spot in Google to increase your revenue.

Gustav S
Gustav SCEO SwixOne

Our experience with Baffman Media has been very gratifying. We will continue to work with Joseph and his team in the future and recommend them highly.

Lue H
Lue HOwner Inovation Mind

Joseph, working with you and your team was a really “good fit”. Here’s to empowering our clients. Making their companies successful, their employees feel safe and their families feel secure. Looking forward to a growing relationship!

Jessica R
Jessica RSMB Owner

My professional relations with Baffman Media have been rewarding. Their digital media skills are diverse and very robust. We recommend them highly.

Kyle A
Kyle AAbundance Threshold

Joseph is an outstanding SEO. His holistic approach to our digital assets have increased their value and power more than imaginable.

Nelson Montana
Nelson MontanaSMB Owner

Excellent and effective work with great results. I will recommend your company to my business partners and anyone in need of SEO on their websites.

Victor Usan
Victor UsanSMB Owner

I recommend Joseph for your SEO needs. His team is excellent and Joseph is very easy to work with, Five Stars and more!

Jose B Jr.
Jose B Jr.Entreprenuer

To survive and grow in our age of technology, business owners need an edge. That edge comes from Google Search and being on the first page. Mr. Baffy and his team make that possible and even seem simple.

Rohan N
Rohan NNationaly recogmized SEO expert

Joseph is a SEO magician and true professional. I was amazed by Joseph’s amount of knowledge about true organic SEO techniques. More importantly though, he avoided cheap tricks that don’t last and could permanently damage my site’s reputation. If you want your business to be seen and want it done right, contact Joseph today.

Scott L
Scott LCEO Scottbizpro

Joseph is one of the most amazing SEO guys I have worked with. His expert advice on ranking your business in Google is second to none. If you want outstanding results, no questions about it, Joseph is your man.

David F
David FSpecailist at Maveric SEO

We have been able to run very successful campaigns with Joseph and his team at Baffman Media. I highly recommend their services.

Steven Love
Steven LoveDirector at Scotland SEO Expert

Working with Joseph has been wonderful. Excellent communication skills and he always over delivered.

Bill C
Bill CSMB Owner

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