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This is the best website SEO Audit Tool we have ever created.  We are offering it free because Baffman believes it is so important to help when ever we can.  Our Website Audit Tool will check 32 areas of your website. Not all of them will apply to every site. You can verify all the aspects that you got right and all of the items that slipped by you.  Just enter the entire URL of your website.  If you don’t know the URL, just open another tab in your browser, then open your website.  Your website URL will be in your browser display window at the upper left of your screen. Just copy, past and click. Baffman Media | Search Engine Marketing | SEO Baffman

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When our Website Audit Tool is finished, the link to your audit report for your website will be sent to your email.  Our website audit tool will check 32 different areas of your site. We really value our privacy and will treat you the same way we like to be treated. We wish you the best. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email us here. You will not receive spam and we never disclose your information outside of our organization.

Use our free website audit tool 2 times

We think that making our website audit tool free and available was a good idea. But, what is even better… you can use it more than once. Check your website out. Pat your self on the back for getting a bunch of stuff right. Fix the items that our audit tool points out and then check it again to make sure. You can do that up to 2 times if you need to.

Don’t forget to let us know how you like it. If you have questions, shoot us an email via the contact us form found in the header. Or, if you are ready to have your website brought up to date by an expert team, you are welcome to use our Discovery Form to start the conversation giving us enough information to knowledgeably & specifically answer your questions when we talk on the phone.

Websites optimized for search rank better

Using our free website audit tool will get you off to a great start optimizing your website so search engine computers will understand your website content more accurately. Website optimization is not an easy task. Without our audit tool, the conversation usually starts with this question. What’s right or wrong with my site and where do I start? Well, all of the pertinent information is available on Google. If you search You Tube there are countless videos on the subject.

So information about optimizing a website for search engines is easy to be had. But, how do you know what parts of your website are optimized and what parts are not? Are the same tips from last years videos and blog posts still applicable this year? What do you do when two different sources suggest two different optimization tips? Wow ! That is the number one website optimization story we hear from our clients that tried to do it themselves.

When your website is optimized for the search engines you will gain three distinct advantages that add up to the number one reason we all use the web for business. We all want our message (our offer) to be seen and be heard. Word press dot org counter says that there has been about 42.3 million down loads of there website content management app. There is also about 50,000 new websites being added to the inter web every day and that’s on top of the 896 million websites already out there according to the Net Craft dot com Jan. 2015 report. The estimate for the end of 2017 is well over a Billion !!! So, how important do you think having every nut and bolt of your website optimized for search engine computers is? If you want to be seen and have your message heard, your site needs to be optimized!

Search Engines Love Optimized Websites

Think about this story for a minuet and how this concept might affect you. Tom Baker owns a local bakery. The name of his bakery is “The 21st Century Baker”. He thought having a website named, Twenty First Century Baker, would be a great way to promote his shop. He spent a ton of money for his website. Tom was told he needed a website that would show off all of his baked goods.

He was told that he needed hi definition photos, a professional logo, a product list, the hours he was open and so much more! He got Face book and Twitter. He posted new content every week. He tweeted every time a fresh batch of cookies came out of the oven. And, tic, tic, tic no body came. Maybe he needs You Tube ?

Websites need schema and meta data

Bing, Yahoo and Google are smart. They are very good at a bunch of search engine stuff. They are very good at collecting data and serve it back up. We can “query” Google. Ask for a dentist near me or ask for the newest running shoes and Google will serve up what Google believes is the best answer. But not even Google can understand the difference between the owner of the company named Tom Baker and the name of the company 21st Century Baker and the website named Twenty First Century Baker.

Is Tom the baker? Is 21st century the baker? Maybe Twenty First is the owner of Century Baker and Tom is the son? Maybe all twenty of the hi deff photos are pictures of a twenty first century bakery because that is what is in the caption of all those lovely photos of bread, cookies and pies. They say after all, no one really needs the alt text box or the description filled out on a photo. What a mess Tom.

Now if Tom Baker the owner of 21st Century Bakery, a brick and mortar local business, and owner of the Twenty First Century Bakery website had all of his schema markup and meta data set up properly all of the search engines would now exactly who the owner of the company is. They would know exactly the name of the company and the name of the website. If all of Tom’s photos were also set up properly with structured data, then they would be findable in photo search and associated with Toms local bakery. Maybe Tom Baker isn’t even a baker.

Maybe Tom is the owner of the first 2 locations of what will be a 30 chain enterprise and Bill is actually the baker. When it comes to websites, search engines and the internet… if you want your message heard, you have to be seen. If you want to be seen, your website has to be optimized for search engines.

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